Two women are seated next to each other on a plane. One is a Yankee, and the other is a Southern Belle. The Southern Belle turns to the Yankee, smiles, and asks, "So, where y'all from?" The Yankee turns her steely gaze upon the Southern Belle and replies, "I am from a place where we do NOT end our sentences with a preposition." Silence ensues, and the flight continues. A few minutes later the Southern Belle again turns to the Yankee and says, "So, where y'all from, b*$@#?"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Are Slackers

Yup, we are. But, wait! Don't leave. You should stick around because here at Shade and Sunshine have decided to get our act together and put some new vlog posts up!

So, over the course of the next weeks, we will be uploading new vlogs every couple of days, and we even might have another contest coming up in the coming days! Woot!

Check out our vlog tomorrow about how we met and what made us crazy enough to decide to try to write a book together!


Riv Re said...

Yay! You're back!
I won the Starbucks GC and sent you an e-mail, but I never got a reply :( ??

Kristen and Tiffany said...

We've been seriously sucktastic. We apologize and we are paying you a larger gift card (you know, interest and all) since we fell off the face of the earth there for a while.

We just sent you an email!